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Forgive me for bidding farewell tonight 原諒今宵我告別了


200mm × 250 mm|47 pages |Handmade|










Forgive me for bidding farewell tonight

My lively heart seems to sink


Farewell world, farewell epidemic, farewell old shops, farewell smells, farewell childhood, farewell family and friends, farewell dear life. An optimistic person tends to believe in a grander reunion after parting. Someone more pessimistic would say that parting is a cruel conclusion. After innumerous inevitable farewells, we get used to losing and even long for it. Do we give away old things to welcome the new? If such is life, the only thing I fear is probably having to bid farewell to farewell itself. 


The Dayspring of Eternity  黎明請你不要來

255mm × 265 mm|120 pages |Hardcover|





Received 3rd prize of Hong Kong 1st Photobook Dummy Award 2021

at Hong Kong Photobook Festival 





The Dayspring of Eternity 

May the dreamy nightfall stay forever

Is there ever Eternity? For those who live long enough one would understand Eternity is simply something to wish for. How impermanent is our safety, and so are our relationships, happiness, contracts, wealth, measures, scenery, houses and jobs...As we say, all things must come to an end. Eternity is just too far to reach. If ever Eternity exists in a life so transient, it may be found only in the transcendental realm of religion. In recent years, Hong Kong was iron-fisted in dismantling historical buildings. No matter how precious the collective memories are, how unique the architectural designs are, or how convincing the heritage assessments are, nothing could stop the property developers and the government in carrying out their development plans. The district of North Point, Hong Kong, during the 40s and 50s saw the settling of the Shanghaiese and Fujianese who brought with them their wealth, lifestyles and cultural visions, turning North Point into a vibrant neighbourhood. 




Double Gaze 對望


220mm × 296 mm|64 pages |Hardcover|









“Double Gaze” is a self published photobook produced by Lau Chi Chung. Photography is the best medium for Lau to express his creativity. In this series “Double Gaze”, he spent years to explore and visit numbers of vanishing places in the city of Hong Kong and took photos of those abandoned portraits. This series could be read as gazing into the eyes of the subject from the old portrait or gazing into the period of time that the subject was once in. Gazing involves at least two parties engaging in a dialogue and it cannot be done by oneself. Lau hopes his work can reach out to more people in different ways other than exhibiting in numbers of galleries and art museums.



The only day 永遠的一天

210mm × 160mm|36 pages |Softcover|


Price: HKD75

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