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劉氏畢業於英國The Surry Institute of Art & Design University College室內設計系學士,8年電視廣告美術指導工作後,投身天比高創作伙伴,由正式成立起6年來一直擔任製作總監至2014年2月完成任務。劉氏參與過不少大型政府與及商業機構年度企劃,當中工作包括了不少電視廣告、微電影、MV、演唱會影像投影、平面設計、表演活動、商業攝影、電台宣傳等等。




個人藝術創作方面,由早年拍攝獨立短片、裝置藝術到2000年開始專注的攝影創作,作品能夠獲得不同國家、博物館、美術館展覽機會,與及博物館和私人收藏家收藏。當中攝影作品《山水文明》系列 (2013) 亦令劉氏獲得連州國際攝影節新攝影年度藝術家獎。



Lau Chi-Chung


Born in 1976, Hong Kong and currently lives in Cheung Chau, Hong Kong. 


Lau graduated from The Surry Institute of Art & Design University College with a B.A degree in Interior Design. After spending 8 years working in an art direction department producing television commercials, he joined Skyhigh Creative Partners (HK) since its inauguration in 2008, serving as the Production Director throughout the 6 years of the organization’s operation. Lau was involved in the production and promotion of various campaigns spearheaded by different parties, from The Government of HKSAR to other commercial enterprises. His contributions to these campaigns include the creations of TVC, featurettes, music videos, video projections in concerts, graphic design, performative events, commercial photography, radio and online promotional programs.     


Lau is actively involved in youth education. He has hosted workshops for young people on video production, photography, graphic design and art education.  Lau is also an artist. His first foray into the creative processes involves the production of short films and installation art. Since 2000, he has focused exclusively on photography as his medium. Lau’s work has been shown in art galleries and museums in numerous countries; and some pieces have been collected by museums and private collectors. Lau was awarded Artist of the Year by the 2013 Lianzhou Foto Festival for his photography series “Landscaped Artifacts” (2013).















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